Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sex Crimes and Vatican 2

The show must go on... Michele Santoro, a journalist renown for being hated by left and right side parties, wants to buy for his tv show Annozero the short movie that everybody can find on google video. Twenty thousand euros are a more than acceptable and correct sum, also taking into account what two hours of any reality show do cost. But nobody wants to authorize since nobody wants to go against catholic church mafia.

No problem: we already knew that this funny nazipope had previously covered and hidden pedophile priests as to avoid a huge scandal. In some parts of the world he has succeeded so much in his aim that in the US catholic priests are famous for being mostly homosexuals or pedophiles.

Anyway: I was forgetting. That's it: as long as the news are not shown by tv, they have never happened.

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