Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gay Pride in Moscow

But, "while the pamphlet was distributed, a group of nazis, in front of an orthodox bishop, protected by two bodyguards, who was blessing them, has begun throwing eggs to those who were participating to the non violent manifestation and then hitting them violently". Immediately after, police has arrived. "We are very worried - now Radicali admit - mostly for Marzocchi health since he has been violently hit".

Let's avoid discussions on civil rights in countries like Russia. Or Poland, or Arab countries as well as India or even U.S.A. All these countries are thousand years far away from the concept of freedom and civilization good old Europe has achieved.

But the presence of an orthodox bishop to bless the nazis that were there to fight Radicali who were demostrating is a symptom of a way of conceiving religion that, from Nazipope to islamic terrorists, instead of tolerating other people even though different and independently from their ideas, encourage racial, religious and civil hate.

Let's make all religions illegal.

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